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Tabletops are made from a base of kiln dried timber fibre which has been treated so that it will not rot or mould and then mixed with epoxy resin. 
The top is compressed and shaped under very high pressure; decorative sheets are added.
Exclusive dining table with resin river art and is extremely durable and attractive
The table comprises of live edge Monkey Pod timber with a resin filled channel down the centre.
Several layers of epoxy resin create an effect of a river between two lands. 
These unique design features will become a perfect highlight of your interior.
Wood named Monkey Pod/ Samanea Saman and is sourced in South East Asia.
The table has been finished with three coats of a hard lacquer that offers better protection from spills and scratches


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(About 2 month ago)

First epoxy table finally found its new home

First epoxy table finally found its new home. Looking great and amazing in the house.

(About 3 month ago)

09-10-20 Delivery in a raining day

Strong wind and rain can’t stop us to deliver our beautiful table to our awesome customer

(About 3 month ago)

Lockdown can not stop us from delivery wonderful products to our valued customers

Delivery day 2 orders in a day We are happy to see our customers satisfied with our products

(About 3 month ago)

Delivery of the day 29 Sep 2020

Perfectly match everything in the house.

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