Special and unique custom epoxy dining table


We was quite struggled in looking for suitable wood pieces to custom this table project.
After 4 months chasing up and going to different countries to find the suitable wood for this table, finally we made it.
The table is not only stunning but also has its own fragrance Cinnamon which makes the table even more special and unique as we can not guarantee that we can do other tables similar to this one because it depends on wood availability.
Thank you to Kavya for your patience and thank you for your idea so that we can create art comfortably

Vin - 10 Seater Dining Table Set

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(About 8 month ago)

Another dining table is delivered today!

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We still deliver your orders while lockdown

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12 Seater Dining Table Set

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(About 8 month ago)

Epoxy Dining Table - Anuj

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